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Iceland XL September 2019

26-30 September 2019
72852 ISK

Extra long adventure!

Algemene informatie

Locatie Iceland
Datum 26-30 September 2019
Prijs 72852 ISK
Startdag none
Maximum deelnemers 60
Aanvang 26 September 2019
Einde 30 September 2019
Bijzonder Own transport to Keflavik Airport. This weekend lasts from Thursday to Monday.

Iceland XL September 2019

Join us on an incredible adventure and feel the raw power that created this island from ocean floor. Do you dare to sharpen your character in an environment where ice cold water and fire blows you over. Do you dare to expose yourself and let your heart catch fire with holy fire? In brotherhood searching for the Source. God the Creator of heaven and earth.

Are you ready? Sign up now for the XCC XL of the 4th Musketeer in Iceland.

Hundreds of men preceded you in the life-enriching experience of a 4th Musketeer XCC. Friendships are deepened, hearts are cleansed, relationships are restored. We are looking forward to a brand new XL weekend, in one of the most beautiful nature reserves that the world knows, as men among themselves.

The weekend is organized in the middle of Iceland, in an environment that feels almost alien. In teams of eight to ten people you will fight the elements, yourself and God. Ultimately there is only one who wins.
During the weekend, through physical experiences, spiritual lessons are experienced and internalized. You will have to cover many kilometers, but in the end it's about 30 centimeters between head and heart.

The 4th Musketeer team is ready to take you on an unforgettable journey. Experience why the Vikings went to this cold place and see nature as never before, find the fire in your heart.

De volgende dingen zijn belangrijk om te weten:

  • You operate in teams of 8 till 10 men. You may bring and form a team yourself, you also could sign up individual, then we will form a team.
    Even when you want to sign up as a complete team, every person has to register by himself by the form down this page.
  • Everyone arranges the trip to Keflavik Airport individually or by team.
  • Participation costs 72852 ISK per person. This amount does not include your trip to and from Keflavik Airport.
  • At 16.00 on 26 September, all participants are expected at Keflavik Airport.
  • On 30 September you will be delivered at Keflavik Airport at about 4:00 in the morning. Note: you can not book a return flight that departs earlier than 6.00 in the morning!
  • Do not book a flight ticket before 1 April!
  • Each participant must have a valid identity document.
  • You will find the necessary items for the weekend on the packing list.
  • The 4th Musketeer has taken out a collective travel insurance including cancellation cover under which all participants are insured (insofar as not insured elsewhere).
  • The condition for this XL edition is that you can run at least 15 km a day with packing and possible blisters.
  • Good solid mountain / hiking shoes are mandatory
  • Keep notice to the cancelation policy of 4M:
    • An amount of 9953 ISK is payed at all time.
    • By cancelation within 2 months before start of the XCC you pay 50%.
    • By cancelation within 1 month before start of the XCC you pay 100%. 
  • This first Iceland XCC is open to max. 60 men. Participating will be in order of registering. Notice: If you want to sign up with a team, make sure all men will sign up in time. 4M will not hold open spots available.


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