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Packing list Curacao

These are your essential XCC items. Don't bring any more than what is listed below.

Your backpack should weigh only 15 kg, excluding the 1.5 litres of water (that you have to bring). At the start of the weekend, you will be given an extra 5kg which consists of food and extra equipment. So make sure you train yourselves to carry a 20+kg load over extended distances! 
At the start of the XCC, we will remove and keep for you, your cameras, mobile phones, wallets, etc. to ensure that you’re not distracted during the weekend. You might as well not bring them to the XCC! For each team only two mobile phones will be allowed (these will be kept in sealed packages) for emergency use only.

Try borrow items you do not already have. Usually participants use them once. This may save you some money.



- Backpack (min. 40 litres)

- Waterproof cover for backpack

DOCUMENTS(packed in a waterproof/resealable bag)

- ID

- Medicare and Private Health Care cards

- Appropriate insurance documents


- Sleeping bag 

- Waterproof cover for sleeping bag

- Sleeping mat

- 2 plastic covers (3 x 5 meters) per team


- Toiletries (medicine/toilet-paper)

- Flashlight/headlight

- Bible (required!)

- Sun protection cream

- Trekking poles (optional)

- Insect, tick repellants and sting spray (eg. Stingose Spray, Lyclear)

- Tick removal tool




- Hiking boots

- Socks (3 pairs)

- Light shoes (oke to get wet/dirty)


- Trousers (outdoor/survival)

- Outdoor shirt

- Sweater/fleece jacket 

- Underwear

- Swimming trunks

- Hat or cap

- Poncho

- Sunglasses


- Mess tin 

- Mug

- pan of 1 liter per 2 persons

- Knife, spoon, fork

- Water bottles or hydrapack (3 litres)

- Scourer (for cleaning)

- 3 litres of water


4M will provide burner and fuel



1. Do we need to bring a stove with us, and if we do bring one will it be taken from us at the start – 4M will provide a burner and fuel.
2. What is happening in the way of water. I see we have to bring 3L but I see nothing else. Do we get water on the way? -- bring full water bottles, but then water will be provided
3. Can we bring a hydration pack like a 'camelback' to hold drink in – yes
4. How many snacks can we bring? – all food will be provided, extra snacks will be confiscated (unless needed for medical reasons)

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