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Packing list LC Israel

For the LC to Israel this mandatory equipment applies. No more and no less.

We travel with 1 piece of hand luggage plus 1 piece of checked baggage! Your daypack can only weigh 10 kg, not including 3 liters of water. The large backpack can weigh 15 kilos, the 3 liters of water will be added later. At Schiphol the weight is slightly supplemented with a food package. You do not need any other (read: superfluous, such as camera, telephone, etc.) items that you have taken with you and make it unnecessarily heavier.

TRANSPORT (per couple)

□ Good daypack, approx. 25 liters (Max. Size 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm)

□ Good backpack, max. 60 liters

□ Waterproof backpack cover


PAPERS (packed separately watertight)

□ Passport / ID

□ Tickets / travel data

□ Driving license

□ Insurance policy

□ ICE (In Case of Emergency, home phone number)



□ Fleece blanket (for extra warmth)



□ Headlight and possibly a flashlight

□ Bible (always carry with you)

□ Toiletries as desired (medicines / toilet wipes)

□ (Bath) Towel

□ Bottle of sunscreen

□ 10x Paracetamol (or other light painkillers)

□ Anti-tick agent, tick tick (possibly anti-mosquito)


□ Sturdy hiking boots

□ 2-3 pairs of (walking) socks

□ Slippers / sandals


CLOTHING (provide several thin layers!)

□ Outdoor pants (tip: removable)

□ Short pants

□ Swimsuit / bathing suit

□ Shirt with long sleeves

□ T-Shirt

□ Sweater / fleece jacket

□ Jacket (down jacket) for when it is cold in the evening

□ Underwear (thermo, for at night)

□ Gloves

□ Headgear (hat, cap, etc.)

□ Sunglasses (!!)

□ disposable poncho



□ Plate / food bowl

□ Mug

□ Knife, spoon and fork (tip: spork)

□ Scourer



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